Delivery of goods from Russia

Service Apteka.Social provides services for the purchase and delivery of medical goods and not only from Russian pharmacies and stores. Delivery of any products for personal use from Russia. Purchases are made only in official pharmacies and online stores, as well as directly from manufacturers. Shipping is made by transport companies from Zurich, Hong Kong. Mail intermediary services. The purchase is made by a Swiss company licensed to sell drugs worldwide.

You can be sure of the Russian quality of the proposed drugs and vitamins.

Urgent delivery:

Non-urgent delivery - already included in the price of goods.

Express delivery worldwide from 12 to 48 watches from the date of purchase. Calculated individually, depending on your destination.


1. Quantity of goods for personal use only (no more than 5 packages of one name)

2. Pay attention to customs regulations and restrictions for your country, if the parcel does not pass customs, it is returned back and you are returned.

Delivery in Europe. Sending packages from Zurich, Berlin and Milan.

Delivery to the countries of Asia, Australia, New Zealand: Sending parcels from Hong Kong.

Delivery to the USA and Canada. Sending the United States from New York.

Delivery to Africa, South America, Mexico effected by EMS.

With the help of the Apteka.Social service, you can order products from pharmacies in Russia. In addition to the proposed range, you can order any other related products for personal use that cannot be purchased in your country.

Not delivered: goods containing substances prohibited for importation by the legislation of your country. Before ordering, check the customs legislation of your country. Delivery of oversized cargo and parcels heavier than 1kg. considered extra.

If you did not find the product you need, maybe it's not yet in our catalog, send it a link from another store in the world and we will calculate the delivery to your address.

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